A new season of comprehensive photography courses for beginners, focusing on setting you up with the knowledge and confidence in all aspects of film photography, from knowing your camera to processing your own black and white film and ultimately printing your own Silver Gelatin photographs.

Black and White Film processing workshop


This is a 3-hour film processing, one-on-one tuition workshop. The date will be confirmed upon receiving your preferred date and will also depend on the tutor’s availability. Starting time 10 am.

COST: $240 (incl. GST) One-on-one tuition. A  50% deposit is required upon booking date confirmation. Balance is payable upon the workshop completion. Major credit cards accepted (no Amex).  

The workshop:

This session is intended as a ‘ see how it’s done ‘ as well as a ‘do it yourself ’ activity. You are encouraged to bring along a 35mm-24 exposure or 120 exposed undeveloped film, that will be processed by you as part of the workshop.

The tutor:

Whilst The Centre works with several tutors on an invitational basis, Andrew Cross has now been in our stable for many years and presented many different workshops. Andrew is an optical engineer with a BA in Photography at QCA, Master of Dye Transfer process and Tri-Colour Carbon printing.

With Andrew’s scientific background, years of teaching, and practical experience, he’s taken the guesswork and accidental surprises in film processing out of the equation.  You can rest assured, you’ll be learning from the industry’s best. 

Andrew is the official authenticator of contemporary dye transfer prints from Eliot Porter’s images for Porter’s estate.

Andrew Cross’s dye transfer and tri-colour carbon work has been largely exhibited in America and is included in significant private and public collections around the world.

Who would benefit from this workshop:

  • People with no previous practical processing or printing experience, including those, who might have seen darkroom work done but not had any hands-on engagement with it at any significant level.
  • Those who may have done darkroom work some time ago and are seeking a refresh program to update them on the contemporary process.

What will you learn?

  • How to safely working with chemicals. Storing, preparation, disposal, and safety.
  • What equipment you need to develop black & white film. Tanks, spirals, measuring beakers. 
  • Loading your film into a spiral, ready for processing
  • How to process black & white film. Preparing, processing, and drying your film. Temperatures, agitation, washing, drying.
  • How to store and care for your negatives
  • How to evaluate your negatives

What will you need to bring?

  • 1 roll of exposed film, 35mm – 24exposures or 120 film
  • 35mm or 120 negative sleeve storage
  • We provide disposable aprons, however, we suggest you wear old clothes in case of an accidental chemical splash onto you
  • Protective glasses
  • A note pad




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