‘Condomonium’ – an amalgam of condom and pandemonium, is a tongue in cheek look at the synergy when the condom – an unambiguous intervention between a life that could have been [or from an alternate point of view – the prevention of a life threatening illness] and the xmas cracker trinket join forces. The combination of the two elements act as a trigger for stream of consciousness text which enfolds the visual image and takes the viewer on a journey as whacky and remote as the combination of such disassociated objects

Hear What the critics have to say about "Condominium"

  • Hortense Von Lindberg Arts review International ....... something to offend everybody
  • Jack Dorf Sydney Morning Herald arts critic .....absolutely brilliant! Moorfoot's perceptions cut like a staysharp knife….
  • Kostya Lotz Pravda .............absolutely priceless. Ze photographic collection at ze Kremlin iss sadly incomplete vizzout vorks of ziss standard.....
  • Quentin Bowyer Financial Times ......the only place this stock is going is up. BUY BUY BUY!
  • The Lyonville Liar ............ "la de freakin' da"
  • Magnus Mortenson The Bulletin ......... an absolute tour de force!!
  • Phil Leggat World Cycling Digest absolute tour de france!!List Item