exhibition open call


Submissions close Friday, 30 October 11PM

Selected participants notified on Friday, 6 November

Delivery of selected images to THE CENTRE by Friday, 20 November, 5 PM

THE CENTRE is inviting emerging Queensland photo media artists to participate in the community exhibition FIRST LIGHT. This initiative aims to build a community in Queensland’s changing landscape of photographic practice. Closely associated, as a prime exhibition space, THE MAUD STREET PHOTO GALLERY (THE GALLERY) provides exhibition support to THE CENTRE, as well as its own gallery program. We encourage passionate emerging photographers living in Queensland to submit their work. All genres are welcome.


  • An emerging artist is defined as a practitioner in the early stages of their career, who hasn’t yet established a solid reputation as an artist.

  • Files need to be submitted as JPEG with the longest side of the image not exceeding 2000 pixels, each file must be under 1MB.

  • Submitted works must be created between 2015-2020.

  • Submitted files must accurately represent the final work.

  • Up to 3 artworks per entry can be submitted.

  • Artist/s must be the copyright owner of the submitted artworks.

  • Copyright remains with the artist and THE CENTRE will credit all exhibited works.

  • Entries should come directly from artists, not from galleries or representatives.

  • Artist/Photographs must not violate any third-party rights.

  • Submission will be assessed by a panel of curators. Project organisers and curators reserve the right to determine final works to be exhibited.

  • THE CENTRE may use the submitted artwork/s for promotional material such as but not exclusively websites, magazines, newspapers, exhibitions, mobile media and all relevant PR campaigns connected with the exhibition.

  • THE CENTRE reserves the right to reject any work at its discretion and does not take legal responsibility on behalf of the artist.


  •  Who is considered an emerging artist? Practicing photographers who have not exhibited in major institutions or galleries. We are looking for artwork that is fresh and has not been exhibited/published before.
  • I live outside of Queensland, am I still eligible to submit my work?

    No, this contest is only for photo-media artists who live and practice in Queensland.

  • Can freelancers apply?

    Yes, the contest is open for everybody regardless of their job definition.

  • We create work as part of a collective; can we apply as a team under our collective name?

    Yes, providing all members of the collective have agreed to do so.

  • Is there a theme?

    No, this exhibition does not have any particular theme and it is open to ideas and expressions of individual artists.

  • Can black-and-white photographs be submitted to the contest?

    Yes, photographers may submit both black-and-white and colour photographs.

  • Can Silver Gelatin work be submitted ?

    Yes, all photographic processes images may be submitted.

  • Can Video artwork be submitted to the contest?

    No, for this exhibition only still photography will be accepted.

  • Can I submit more than once?

    Yes, if you purchase an additional entry fee.

  • Does my work need to be framed or mounted?

    No, the images can be prints only, in which case they will be pinned to the wall.

  • Is image manipulation accepted?

    Yes, the final artwork can be edited by physical or digital processing, special effects, destruction, etc. or presented as purely documentary-style images.

  • What size and format do the photos need to have for the initial submission?

    Photos need to be in JPEG format, the longest side of the image must not exceed 2000px. Each file must be under 1MB. Ensure your submission image(s) files are  in JPEG format, not exceeding 2000 px on the long side, each file must be under 1MB. Please ensure the file name follows this format: YOUR LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_TITLE OF THE IMAGE_ACTUAL IMAGE DIMENSIONS IN MILLIMETERS (HxW)

  • What criteria does the jury evaluate the winning photographs?

    An expert jury will look at the aesthetical, technical, social, and political context of the artwork/s.

  • Is there any cash prize?

    No, this contest provides an opportunity for emerging photo-media artists to exhibit their work in a prestigious gallery, to promote it to a broader audience.

  • Is the entry fee refundable, if my work will not be selected?

    No, this is a non-refundable entry fee.

  • For more information, whom should I contact?

Please contact for further queries

terms and conditions

By submitting images to the FIRST CALL exhibition call out, I acknowledge that I have read THE CENTRE’s Open Call guidelines (including FAQs) and understand and agree to the terms and conditions as stated.

THE CENTRE reserves the right to alter or cancel, in full or in part, the Open Call without prior notification and at its absolute discretion.

The information in my submission is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

If my submission is successful, I give my permission for THE CENTRE or their nominated representatives to photograph/video or otherwise record my participation in the exhibition and use those images to promote the exhibition and THE CENTRE via any communication channel/medium without charge and in perpetuity.

If my submission is successful, I consent to my name being included on a list of successful participants and that information being published, released or communicated via THE CENTREs channels including websites, social media, publications, reports and other communication channels.

The Centre would like to acknowledge the team of volunteers contributing to this project and thank the team at Grey Sheep for their support.




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