How to - portraits

with Thomas Oliver

February 27th and 28th, 2021
9 - 1 pm

Two days of 4-hour blocks of intensive workshop sessions

COST: $399 

Limited places – maximum 15

Min 6 participants are required to run the workshop

This two-day intensive workshop will cover the CONCEPTUAL, PRACTICAL, AND POST-PRODUCTION aspect of portrait photography. 


  • To see how light and shadow contribute to form a portrait.
  • How changes in simple visual elements such as framing, composition, background/foreground; and photographic elements such as depth of field, focal lengths can have a great impact on the result of the image
  • How to convey emotion and feeling in a portrait
  • Appropriate ways to interact with the person you are photographing
  • background, clothing, and styling


  • Lighting terminologies: Key light, fill light
  • Explanation and live demonstration of integral lighting set ups: Butterfly, Rembrandt, Split, Edge/hair lights, clamshell
  • How to ‘balance’ lighting
  • How to photograph: in a complete studio lighting, only natural light, and mixed lighting.

post production

  • How to digitally edit portraits in LR
  • How to break the rules
  • How selecting the right image(s) from a session can powerful

Thomas Oliver is a Brisbane based photographer and videographer specializing in portraiture.

Oliver has scrupulous attention to detail and has a passion for shooting in the studio and on location, as well as experimenting with the development process of analog photography.

Oliver has an Honours degree from the Queensland College of Arts and has been a tutor of photography and video subjects.

If not out and about, Oliver can be often found in his studio ‘KEPK’ at Yeerongpilly.

Challenge and an exhibition – an excellent opportunity for you to have a chance to exhibit your works along with Thomas Oliver and other photographers.

After the completion of this two-day intensive workshop, you will be given the challenge to capture a portrait within one month, applying the skills you have acquired at the workshop.

There will be a complimentary feedback session on image selection, presentation, and finishing. At this time, Thomas will make a selection from your submitted images to be included in a group showing in conjunction with Thomas Oliver’s portrait exhibition at The Maud Street Photo Gallery.

The cost per image for the 2-week group exhibition is $150. You may submit more than one image.

Included in this cost is:

    • Image frame hire
    • Image Printing, size A3 on Art paper
    • 2-week group exhibition at the Maud Street Photo Gallery
    • At the end of the group show, the images are yours to take home




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