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Image: Jason Rosewell

Bookings via email. Please indicate in the email which date you would you like to book and don’t forget to tell us your first and last name.

Cost: Free 

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The dates for this program are booking out very quickly. If you have missed out, you can register your interest by clicking the “waiting list button” below. Spaces will be allocated in the order they are received. 

Please indicate WAITLIST in the subject of the email and don’t forget to give us your first and last name.

The Centre had teamed up with professional photographers to give you an invaluable experience of being on a commercial shoot with a pro photographer. 

Whilst looking over his shoulder, the pro will share with you his thought processes about the shoot, the setup, and the complete process from start to finish. 

On some shoots, you will be able to bring your camera and shoot alongside the pro. 



Thank you for organising for us to accompany Naz on a commercial shoot. It was an inspiring and educational experience. Naz patiently talked through his process and was happy for us to look over his shoulder as he worked his way through the shoot. His manner was calm and so professional with us but he was also incredibly open and generous with both his information and attention. Despite the constraints of time and close supervision of his client, Naz included us in the outcomes as much as practical.

With regards to numbers, 2-3 people was perfect for a session of this kind. Personally, I got a lot out of observing and assisting Naz as studio lighting and portraits are what I’m currently focussing on skills-wise with uni. It was good to see what he could create with a small on-location setup. It was also very valuable to watch him interact with his clients and direct the actors as he took their shots. It confirms more than ever that I’m on the right path study-wise.

I’m not sure if there was anything else you’d like feedback on? Let me know if you do. I’m also more than happy for you to share what I’ve written with Naz.

I’m also keen to do any other sessions like this if they become available. I know you have already released other dates and likely have a waiting list, but let me know if I can tag along another time.

Roby Wood, January 2021

Last Tuesday’s theater portraits shoot with Naz last Tuesday was fantastic. It was a great test of how to assess a space, observe movements, then find a way to take photos in a short space of time. Naz is an open, patient photographer that takes disciplined single shots. He also noticed very quickly the kind of images I was aiming to create by taking low angle shots that use the roof and walls of the church, and he just let me do it, then gave suggestions, which reminded me of my former PhD supervisor.

Alexander Mack, January 2021

Many thanks, Irena for organizing, and inviting me to Naz Mulla’s photo shoot yesterday.  He was most generous with his time and welcomed questions. I learned a great deal by being allowed to watch.
Incidentally I would be intertested in participating any more ventures of tihs kind.

Anne Forbes, January 2021

All three of us thought this was an excellent, very successful day. Naz Mulla was very open and accommodating, sharing his thoughts, ideas and techniques with us, as though it was actually a workshop. We provided some practical assistance where possible, with the lighting
and reflector arrangements, as well as watching over his shoulder photo by photo.

I’ve never been present before in  situation where professional actors are acting in-character for studio shots, and it was a riveting
experience. I did not take a phone or camera, but Naz and the actors were perfectly fine about photos of the process being taken from the sidelines, and I wish I had taken my camera now. The actors and director Michael proved to be lovely people; it was clear when we parted at 2 pm that everyone had mutual good impressions of everyone else.

Naz also used his setup to do individual portraits of us three, which he will sent to you shortly, to forward on to us. It was a really good event all round, and I am awfully grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of it. I have picked up quite a lot on studio lighting and its effects on light, shadow, flare and contrast on a human subject. best regards

Peter Richardson, January 2021


I want to thank QCFP & Naz Mulla for the opportunity to shoot with a Pro at rehearsal at Christ Church. Naz was very calm & helpful in allowing me to have fun shooting the eclectic group of performers. thank you.

Cheryl Nancarow, February 2021




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